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Live poetry reading from my latest chapbook, “From Ash”

Here’s a live poetry reading out of “From Ash.” Comment your thoughts below! “Look up at the night sky and count the stars until daybreak- my love for life now exceeds both the number of stars and the time it would take. To traverse the horizon and navigate the seas, or brave the desert’s barren […]

The ventriloquist of hearts

If I had a superpower, I would want to be the ventriloquist of hearts. I’d want the power to latch onto others and ail their aching hearts with a tug; I’d want to mend their cracks with my strings. I’d fell the greatest tyrants, and court the purest hearts to my favor. I’d latch onto […]

To blow away the clouds

How peaceful could the pasture feel if it’s grass were dead and yellowed? If the sun burdened it with it’s heat, and it had no relief from the rain? How peaceful could the meadow be when clouds mask the stars in the night sky, shading it from their glory? I want to downpour on the […]

The Ode of Contentment

The ode of contentment is sung from birds perched on tall tree branches; the ode of contentment calls to us, freely chanting “expression” as a means of becoming one with the world.

Parenting Styles, Childhood Playing Style Preferences, and Adulthood Trauma

Although Baumrind’s classification of  parenting styles has been criticized as ethnocentric and not reflecting of broader cultural values,(authoritarian practices are not associated with negative outcomes in certain contexts/populations) I’m curious to know, within a specific cultural context wherein Baumrind’s classifications could hold true, if parenting styles affect a child’s tendency to gravitate towards certain playing styles.  Play […]

The Sun is Grateful Too

I saw the moon reaching out for me, calling out to liberty; I saw the moon rise for me in tranquility. I felt the sun’s departure from me in sorrow- setting under the horizon, in search of peace from below. Is the sun not grateful for its own illumination? Does the sun plead for us […]


Like the push and pull of the tide on the shore-rocks, our interactions with others smooth the jaded edges of our condition. My edges have smoothened over time- I can skip across the pond as far as you can propel me; skip me far into the water and watch me tap-tap-tap against its surface. I’ve […]

Morning Dew

The morning droplets of misted condensation accumulate in dense fog over a pasture- they stick and bind to the grass until the sun strips them of their hydration. Similarly, we attach our schemas to social constructs that dissipate in meaning under the heat of scrutiny; oh, if only we’d scrutinize ourselves. If only we’d peer […]

Facing Mirrors

Take me back in time to the place my forefathers used to visit; the waterfall they’d rest at for peace, or the forest spot between the trees. Take me back in time to a place where I was too at peace- before the vicious tides of fate increased- take me back before my fate ceases. […]


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