Abed Kinan

Social Democrat. Neuroscience student. Theory enthusiast. Wannabe scientist.

Awards & Recognition
  • Phi Theta Kappa Community College Honor Society Member
  • Nu Rho Psi International Neuroscience Honor Society Member
  • Dr. Alfredo Fonts Memorial Scholarship recipient
  • 2015 National Model United Nations General Assembly 1st Committee (Australia) Outstanding Delegation & Outstanding Position Paper Awards recipient

I’ve known Abed for four years, having met him while he was a participant in the Eleanor Roosevelt Community College Emerging Leaders Program. While managing the program I got to know him quite well and have remained in touch since, following his academic and career path. Abed brought a mix of academic excellence, social activism and intellectual curiosity to the program, which has only deepened over the past four years. He was and remains extremely talented, intelligent and hardworking. But most of all, he is a natural and inclusive leader who inspires others through thought and action. I have no doubt in his abilities and know that he will be an asset to every organization that he has the opportunity to work with.

-Maureen Peters Gittelman, Educator/Marketing Consultant/Coach & Mentor (2017)