The Sun is Grateful Too

I saw the moon reaching out for me, calling out to liberty; I saw the moon rise for me in tranquility.

I felt the sun’s departure from me in sorrow- setting under the horizon, in search of peace from below.

Is the sun not grateful for its own illumination?

Does the sun plead for us to watch it’s placement- dependent on our illumination for its own salvation?

Without a receiver, who could appreciate its scattered rays?

But the moon understands the ways of the world- the moon is an infinite sink, drawing from the sun and giving it strength.

Without one to appreciate the majesty of the sun, perhaps it would rise no more, insecure in its ability to deliver; insecure in its shine.

So appreciate your suns- for gratitude empowers the giver to continue giving.

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By abdullahkinan

24, college student, cars, science, blah blah

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