Morning Dew

The morning droplets of misted condensation accumulate in dense fog over a pasture- they stick and bind to the grass until the sun strips them of their hydration.

Similarly, we attach our schemas to social constructs that dissipate in meaning under the heat of scrutiny; oh, if only we’d scrutinize ourselves.

If only we’d peer into our own souls- empathy loses its hold over time; unless, we can grasp it and tightly hold it to prevent it from evaporating under the heat of our own scrutiny.

In criticizing ourselves, and accepting the criticisms of the qualified individuals around us, we understand more about others than ourselves- but we also learn collective consciousness and humanity.

We learn that struggle is universal- we’re taught to empathize with the struggle of others, but we’re too absorbed in our own minds that we forget the human aspect of it all.

We forget how everybody loses a grandparent, everybody stresses over school and strictly adheres to calendar goals we boldly reach for- not everybody can master the synthesis of their abilities and their goals; we don’t all find a place to call home.

So build your house with your own masonry before reaching over to provide for the house next to yours- for while their building is complete, you’ll be left with an incomplete manifestation of your desires, while the house next to you stands tall, strong, and empowered.

Self-love is a developing concept- we learn to love ourselves the greater we can peer into our own souls; we learn to love others with the same passion when we acknowledge that our paths are interacting- it’s something that will always happen.

So love yourself relentlessly and love others the same; hate breeds hate, and love is the weapon we arm ourselves with against hate.

Therefore, peer into your own soul with due haste- for to love another before yourself is the greatest mistake.

Build your foundations tall and strong- instead of lending your masonry to the building of your neighbors’, offer them solace in the majesty of your impenetrable foundation.

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By abdullahkinan

24, college student, cars, science, blah blah

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