Like the push and pull of the tide on the shore-rocks, our interactions with others smooth the jaded edges of our condition.

My edges have smoothened over time- I can skip across the pond as far as you can propel me; skip me far into the water and watch me tap-tap-tap against its surface.

I’ve been smoothened by this tide for so long, just to be picked up and hurled across the lake where I can find my resting place beneath dark layers of water drowning out the light.

Perhaps to escape the struggle is a misunderstood concept- there is no escape from your struggles, only embracing them- drawing your strength from them.

As my edges have smoothened over time, I’ve become prime for skipping across the lake- throw me far so that I can sink into my eternal resting place.

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By abdullahkinan

24, college student, cars, science, blah blah

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